RaniWrap to feature in Farming Simulator 25


RaniWrap is now an official partner of Farming Simulator, the GIANTS Software gaming sensation that simulates farming ultra-realistically. In its newest edition, players worldwide will be able to choose the Rani brand when wrapping bales in the game.

Since its debut in 2008, Farming Simulator has immersed its players in modern farming tasks spanning agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry. The game sees fresh instalments every two or three years, and Farming Simulator 25 will not disappoint. With ever-better graphics and detail, and an increased number of machines, brands, and crop types, it will surely keep fans glued to their consoles.

We must be selective when licensing a new brand, and consider to what level its integration will be a good fit for the gameplay.

Martin Seidel, GIANTS Software’s account manager.

The series has sold 30 million copies worldwide on platforms such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. There is an active community, with fans sharing gameplay, resources, and strategies, both live and virtually.  

RaniWrap brand adds new level of excitement for players

The main reason for the game’s popularity is undoubtedly its detailed realism. It boasts over 400 real-life machines and tools and more than 150 renowned agricultural brands. And now, the inclusion of the RaniWrap brand adds a new level of excitement for the players.

But that’s not to say that it’s easy for manufacturers to get their products into Farming Simulator. In fact, the developer receives hundreds of queries a year from equipment manufacturers about how to get their products into the game.

– In the beginning, we had to ask manufacturers to be included. Today, we must be selective when licensing a new brand, and consider to what level its integration will be a good fit for the gameplay, says Martin Seidel, GIANTS Software’s account manager.

A perfect match for Farming Simulator

Rani’s decision to contact GIANTS Software about inclusion was not difficult to make. RaniWrap is a product that achieves better crop yields and is well-known among farmers worldwide. It is perfect for Farming Simulator.

– Players could already wrap bales in the game, but now they can choose our branded wrap, which increases the activity’s realism, improves the wrapping experience, and is a new and exciting way for us to promote brand awareness, says Christer Vidjeskog, Rani Plast’s sales manager. 

The collaboration will be announced at FarmCon, the developers’ annual community event. This year it will be held at Fendt’s headquarters in Germany. It promises to be the biggest FarmCon yet, with thousands of tickets already sold!

Seasoned gamers and simulator newbies alike can attend the event to learn about the game’s development, connect with fans and agri professionals, and see Rani’s eye-catching stand.

FarmCon 24 will take place in Marktoberdorf, Germany, on 6-7 July, 2024. For more details about the game and FarmCon 24, visit www.farming-simulator.com.