We produce sustainable packaging solutions for building materials. We offer both primary and packaging solutions for heavy duty products.


Building material

Rani Plast provides effective packaging solutions for the construction sector’s wide range of building materials. Our packaging film will cover and protect your products during storage, transportation and handling.

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Construction workers during construction of a prefabricated house on concrete foundation.

Prefabricated building

Prefabricated constructions are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost efficiency and environmental savings. You can protect your prefab elements and modules during the entire building process with our specifically devised coverage solutions.

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Wool insulation

Wool Insulation has always been a primary focus area for Rani Plast. We benefit from many years’ experience in producing a wide range of specialist packaging films for this business sector.

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Rigid Insulation

Rigid insulation

Rani Plast offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions for producers of rigid foam insulation boards.

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Engineered wood

Rani Plast has a long track record of producing high-performance packaging solutions for the wood industry.

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Rani Plast provides innovative and customer specific packaging solutions for the metal industry. Our durable packaging films will provide your metal products with effective protection during storage and transportation.

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RaniPlast Textiles and interior

Textiles & Interior Elements

Protect a wide range of textiles and interior elements during transport, handling and storage with our high-quality packaging films.

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