Plastic can be recycled and reprocessed several times. Many years and manhours have gone into minimizing the amount of plastic waste generated during the manufacturing process. Most waste occurs during extrusion, like when the film’s width is adjusted, the raw material or its colour is changed. Rani Plast recycles nearly 100% of its waste.

Correct use and recycling are fundamental

After end-use, our film should preferably be recycled. Our film is made of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and must be recycled in the LDPE recycling stream. Please consult your local recycling organization for more detailed information. Our films’ packaging materials, cores, pallets and protective film etc., should be recycled in appropriate waste streams. Plastic is a valuable raw material after its end-use, and most plastic is recyclable into new raw material or energy. Please remember to recycle your plastic waste.

Design for recycling

The essential criterion of product design is its high performance. However, the new challenge is to incorporate recyclability and make it a requirement alongside performance criteria like product safety, shelf life, marketing and branding. It is crucial to balance the performance criteria of a plastic product with its recyclability.

We have made agreements with national packaging recycling institutions in Finland (RINKI and Suomen Maatalousmuovien Kierätys Oy), Sweden (Svepretur), Norway (Grönt punkt), Germany (ERDE), Switzerland (ERDE) and the UK (APE). Rani Plast is also member of the European Circular Plastics Alliance.

Plastic packaging is not harmful to the environment if properly disposed of. Please remember to recycle your plastic film!

Recycling instructions