Raw materials

Raw materials

We continuously work towards increasing the use of renewable and recycled raw materials while maintaining the packaging films’ excellent technical features.

We constantly trial new material options for plastic film made of renewable resources, with the aim of driving circular economy and contributing to a more sustainable planet.

Our new ICSS Plus certificate provides credible proof of the raw materials origin and enables us to trace them back through every step of our supply chain. This means you can order packaging film containing ISCC Plus certified sustainable raw materials (allocated through the mass balance approach), derived from tall oil, used cooking oil and other industrial bio-waste products.

Raw material alternatives

Fossil based

Mechanically recycled

ISCC+ Certified
SourceVirgin oil and gas basedPost-industrial or postconsumerCircular & Biocircular
Visual appearanceHighMediumHigh
Suitable forDemanding packagingGeneral protection film, non-foodDemanding packaging

Chemical recycling of plastic waste

With chemical recycling technologies, the waste management industry has developed complementary solutions to existing mechanical recycling to recycle mixed or contaminated plastic waste that otherwise would be incinerated or sent to landfill.

The new technologies can break down plastics and transform them into valuable raw materials to produce new plastics packaging with the same quality as those made from virgin material. Below illustration shows how the chemical recycling works in practice.

Reduce the carbon footprint of your products by using our sustainable packaging films.