+ 300m euro in turnover


50 export countries


+ 120.000 tons in volume


1.000 employees


+ 60 film blowing lines

+ 10 printing lines
+ 20 welding lines


8 factories in 4 countries


Rani Group

Rani Group is a family-owned international company with nine factories in five countries. The Group has a turnover of over EUR 300 million and exports its products to 50 countries.

We are a well-established, family-owned company and our goal is to be one of the most successful companies in the packaging business. We intend to remain a family business.


Rani Plast

Packaging solutions
  • Operates two film blowing factories in Finland.
  • Specialises in wide packaging film for industrial and agricultural use.

HP Rani Plast

Plastic bags on roll
  • Nordic leader in freezer- and waste bags.
  • The first company in the industry to earn the right to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


Timber wrapping
  • Leading Nordic supplier of high quality timber wrapping films and hoods.
  • Many of Art-Pak’s films are partly made of recycled material.


Prefabricated houses
  • Producer of high-quality prefabricated homes with a big heart.
  • Offers customised housing solutions designed for varying client needs.

Tervakoski Film

Electrical insulation films
  • Producer of high-performance technical insulation films.
  • The films are made for demanding applications.


Service-mindedness is one of our core values.  It shows that we are engaged and passionate about everything we do at Rani Plast, that our approach to customers is professional, personal and flexible and that we genuinely go the extra mile.  Our core values are reflected in our daily work and everyone within our organisation.

The Rani Family

The Rani Family is one of our core values. Caring about our employees and customers and developing honest and trustworthy relationships are the cornerstones of our conduct at work and when doing business outside the workplace.


Responsibility is one of our core values. We collaborate to reduce the impact on our precious natural world and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. This means we are committed to reaching our sustainability goals through programmes that are thorough and ongoing.

State-of-the-art production processes


Blown film extrusion technology is the packaging industry’s most common way to produce flexible plastic film.


In cast film extrusion, a molten polymer is run through a flat die system, which creates the film’s final flat shape.

+ 60 production lines

We have a wide range of extrusion lines producing a range of different sizes and shapes including the latest 7-layer technology capable of producing 22m-wide film.

High-quality flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is a roll-fed web printing process typically used for packaging, involving the use of up to eight colours in high resolution.

10 printing lines

We have recently invested in a new printing line, capable of printing film webs up to 2.65m wide – the widest in northern Europe.

35 welding lines

We also offer our customers confectioned films and products.

The Rani Story

In 1955, Nils Ahlbäck founded the company Rani Plast together with his brother Alf Ahlbäck and partners Runar Svartsjö and Ingmar Albäck. The company’s name is derived from the initial letters of the four founders’ names. Since a generational handover began in the mid 1980s, the company has been owned and led by Nils Ahlbäck’s children UIrika and Mikael Ahlbäck.

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