Wide product range

Our silage films product range is designed to fulfil every aspect of your silaging needs and to secure optimal preservation of your forage. Our silage film products include:

  • Conventional silage sheets
  • Oxygen barrier silage sheets
  • Underlayer films
  • Sidewall films

Excellent mechanical properties

Rani Plast provides silage films with excellent mechanical properties, using the latest seven-layer technology. They are available in widths of up to 22 metres. Our films are durable and thin, but easy to handle and suitable for the most demanding forage conditions.

Importance of oxygen barrier films

Our new oxygen barrier silage film is 100 times more effective at preventing oxygen ingress than conventional silage film: protection against oxygen keeps the respiratory losses of your silage to a minimum. The oxygen barrier is created by using an EVOH-layer employing state-of-the art 7-layer technology.

Silage films

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Excellent performance with thinner silage film

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Silage film for the optimal preservation of forage

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Oxygen barrier silage sheet for higher forage quality

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Vacuum effect with high-quality underlay film

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Oxygen barrier underlay film

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Sidewall film for wall protection

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Sustainable packaging

We  have taken several product-development measures to ensure the sustainability of our films and production processes. Our films are now thinner and stronger, while retaining their required technical properties. We continue to increase the amount of renewable and recycled raw material used in our films where-ever this is technically possible and beneficial to the customer. We continuously optimise our printing process to make it more efficient, safer, and greener. We aim to help our customers find optimal solutions for their sustainable packaging challenges.


Tips for using bale wrap and silage films

Tips and recommendations for using our bale wrap and silage films

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