Rani Plast has been granted ISO quality management certifications. This means that the company has implemented a quality management system in which all processes and procedures have been carefully designed and quality-tested according to international quality and environmental standards.

In an important move to certify the use of sustainable raw materials in the manufacture of our packaging materials, including our wide range of plastic films, Rani Plast has been recognised with the ISCC Plus certificate in May 2021.

This means certified audits are made to record the use of sustainable raw materials. The new certificate endorses a mix of sustainable and fossil-based raw materials in the same manufacturing process, one which is environmentally advantageous and supports circular economy.

Our customers have come to know us as a quality-conscious supplier of high-performance packaging films and our new BRC certification is a logical next step in the development process. Now we have achieved the certification and we look forward to supplying our food and pharmaceutical customers with safer films for both primary and secondary packaging.