Rani Plast is one of the leading manufacturers of agricultural films. Our durable and cost-effective films are easy to use and made of the best raw materials. The films also enhance feed quality.
Agriculture Products


Rani Plast offers a comprehensive range of packaging films for various lines of businesses. Our offering includes both primary and secondary packaging, as well as pallet wrapping solutions. If needed, the films can also be attractively printed.
Industry Products


Rani Group Globally


Art-Pak Oy Ab

Art-Pak is one of the major manufacturers of timber hoods in the Nordic countries. The film is manufactured and printed in Teerijärvi and converted at Art-Pak’s plant in Myrskylä.

Teri-Hus Ab Oy

Teri-House is one of Finland’s oldest prefabricated home constructors.

HP Rani Plast

HP Rani Plast is the leading Nordic manufacturer of plastic bags on roll for households. The company’s plants are located in Klågerup, Sweden, and Lappfors, Finland.

Joint Ventures

Terichem a.s.

Terichem manufactures dielectric insulation film. Subsidiaries of Terichem a.s. are Terichem Tervakoski Ltd and Terichem Lutsk.


Tatrafan produces packaging material for the food industry and other industries. The company has factories in Slovakia and Ukraine.

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