Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we do business at Rani Plast and reflects our values, strategy, and leadership style.

An expression of our ethical standards, our Code of Conduct gives us guidance on how to treat each other, interact with customers, vendors, partners, communities, and governments.

Violations of our Code of Conduct can be reported anonymously through our external Speak-Up Channel or through our internal feedback channel.

The Code of Conduct helps all of us make the right decisions, every day. When we act with integrity, we foster a safe, respectful and healthy workplace.

Stefans Kaptens

CEO Ab Rani Plast Oy


We are engaged and passionate about everything we do at Rani Plast. Our approach to customers is professional, personal, and flexible, and we genuinely go the extra mile. Our core values are reflected in our daily work and the behaviours of everyone within the organisation.

The Rani Family

We care about our employees and customers and developing honest and trustworthy relationships is of the outmost importance to us.


We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. This means we are committed to reaching our sustainability goals through programmes that are thorough and ongoing.

How we treat others

We respect human rights

We respect and adhere to international human rights and comply with fair employment practices and labour standards. We expect our suppliers and partners to conduct business in the same ethical way we do.

We are an inclusive and fair employer

We value diversity, inclusion, and fair treatment in the recruitment, remuneration, development, and advancement of employees. We have also taken measures to identify and correct pay inequality.


We care about work safety

We aim to provide a safe and inspiring workplace and care about the safety, security, and well-being of our employees. We aim for an accident-free work environment and involve employees, contractors, and partners in our safety and security efforts, like safety training. Our foremen support employees in their efforts to achieve and maintain a good work-life balance.


How we do business


We do not tolerate bribery or corruption

We conduct business legally and ethically. We comply with applicable national and international laws, and our market segment’s regulations and conventions. We act in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. We only conduct business with suppliers and partners that comply with relevant laws and meet our requirements.

We strictly prohibit all forms of bribery or corruption and encourage our employees and partners to report possible violations through the appropriate channels.


We communicate and promote our products and services truthfully and responsibly

We communicate openly and avoid false claims about our products and services. We follow the guidelines for responsible marketing communications and expect our representatives to act in the same way.


We collaborate openly with all third parties

Our relationships with third parties play an important role in achieving our business targets and are based on openness, mutual honesty, and trust. We expect our business partners to comply with relevant laws, non-disclosure agreements and to conduct business ethically.


We protect your personal information

We respect privacy and protect the personal information of our assets, customers, business partners, and employees. We are GDPR compliant and follow best practices to keep data secure and protected.

How we engage with the world

We protect Rani Plast’s reputation

We expect our employees to act with tact and diplomacy. However, we emphasize that employees’ views are personal and may not represent Rani Plast’s beliefs. Employees should avoid sharing opinions and statements on social media that may harm the company’s reputation.

We support the local community

We support our local community by making donations and sponsoring local institutions. All donated funds, regardless of the amount, are subject to internal approval.

We protect the environment

Our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. We encourage our customers to use and recycle products appropriately and to support the circular economy. Sustainable development and environmental responsibility are major factors in our products’ design and strategic development. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

Rani Speak Up2

Reporting concerns

We are committed to strict adherence to our Code of Conduct and encourage possible violations to be reported through the appropriate channels. We have an internal reporting channel on our intranet portal and a Speak-Up Channel on our website for external reporting.

Rani Speak-Up Channel