Vacuum effect with high-quality underlay film


Key benefits

  • Available in widths up to 22 m
  • Attaches itself to the silo’s top surface
  • Minimizes risks at a low cost
  • Greatly improves the silage’s quality
  • Less spoilage on the surface and along the edges

Improved feed quality

Minimize air between your silage and silage sheet, and improve feed quality with RaniCover. The film clings to silage quickly and perfectly, creating a vacuum and eliminating air pockets. The underlay film is coextruded and is 40 μm thick.

Using a quality underlay film is important as it provides you with extra protection in case of damage to the silage sheet.

Material: LDPE with 7-layer technology.

Technical Specifications

Width (mm) Length (m) Thickness (µm) Colour
6-22 50, 100, 600 40 Transparent


Instructions and recommendations for the optimal use of silage films


Recycling instructions

Plastic is a valuable raw material after use: most plastic can be recyclable as a new material or to generate energy. Please read our instructions on how to recycle our plastic films.