A closed-loop recycling process for timber wrapping films


Rani Plast and Lassila & Tikanoja’s closed-loop recycling concept not only reduces the carbon footprint of timber wrapping films, but also offers customers an easy way to recycle used film.

It has been over a year since Art-Pak – owned by Rani Group – started to provide its Finnish customers with the opportunity to have their timber wrapping films and hoods collected by Lassila & Tikanoja. The company re-granulates the films and hoods in its factory. Rani Plast then uses the granules to produce RaniWPC film and Art-Pak converts it into timber wrapping hoods and films.

– It’s thanks to this closed-loop recycling process that Rani Plast has reduced the carbon footprint of its timber wrapping hoods and films. But that’s not all. End customers have been compensated for returning waste that would otherwise have been incinerated, says Art-Pak’s Sales Manager Tom Vikman.

According to many of our customers, this collaborative recycling concept has worked out very well.

Tom Vikman

A lot of positive feedback

Recycling plastic waste is now a legal requirement in Finland and at EU level, and many Art-Pak customers have welcomed the new closed-loop recycling concept with open arms. Art-Pak’s timber wrapping hoods and films are well suited for this purpose as they contain only polyethylene. If a mixture of different raw materials was used, recycling would be impossible.

“This collaborative recycling concept has worked out very well according to many of our customers – we have received a lot of positive feedback. Most customers have purchased a bale press or leased one from Lassila & Tikanoja for recycling,” explains Tom.

“It is a very simple recycling process. We have common interests with Rani Plast and our collaboration has been fruitful,” concludes Mikko Mäenpää, Lassila & Tikanoja’s Customer Manager.

Looking for new partners

RaniWrap EcoL agricultural film and RaniBond EcoL waste wrap film are also made using a closed-loop recycling process. Since the partnership with Lassila & Tikanoja has worked out so well, Rani Plast is looking for similar partners in the recycling industry in other Nordic countries as well.

Closed-loop recycling process for timber wrapping

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