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BRC Certification Achieved


The new certificate brings added value for both existing and new customers.

Quality manager, Joacim Kaitajärvi, breathed a sigh of relief after the conclusion of a long and extensive certification process. And he has every reason to be satisfied. The BRC audit in May resulted in a good A-rating and Joacim has already noticed several improvements in work safety and job satisfaction.

Sales manager, Jan Knutar, is also pleased to have achieved certification and looks forward to building new customer relationships in the food and pharmaceutical industry with absolute confidence.

Responding to global challenges and adapting to changing market conditions, like increased demand for product safety, are prerequisites for success.

In recent years, we, at Rani Plast, have collaborated with our business partners to enhance the quality and safety of our products and develop our internal processes to better meet our customers’ evolving needs. We are very grateful to our partners for the advice and support we’ve received during the certification process.

“Hats off to our staff for helping us achieve certification. Now it’s up to us to benefit from the groundwork undertaken by the team. Our customers also encourage us to improve. They have made clear what they want, and we have listened”, explains Jan.

New business opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Our customers have come to know us as a quality-conscious supplier of high-performance packaging films and BRC certification was a logical next step in the development process. Now we have achieved this, we look forward to supplying our food and pharmaceutical customers with safer films for both primary and secondary packaging.

The certification has resulted in an improved focus on quality, strengthened our position as a reliable supplier and it has opened up new business opportunities, adds Jan.

A reduced workload

We foresee a reduced workload for our customers, which will improve our customer service.

“In the past, many of our customers have audited us to determine weather our processes meet their internal requirements. Now that we are certified, our customers can rest assured that our products offer a high level of safety”, explains Joacim proudly.

Cleaner, safer and more durable with plastic

The future of plastic has been challenged in recent years. However, Jan and Joacim agree that plastic is, and will continue to be, the number one packaging material. They believe that raw materials and manufacturing methods of plastic will continue to develop, ensuring plastic remains unmatched by any other material to protect food.

“Protecting a product from external factors is the most important function of plastic as a packaging material. We have realised how important it is to properly package food and protect products from air and moisture. Plastic prolongs the shelf life of food and, therefore, reduces food waste – a major pollutant. I see great opportunities for plastic as a packaging material, as long as we, our suppliers and consumers, remain responsible”, emphasizes Jan.

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