RaniMoBar is extremely high in quality and the absolute elite of vapour barrier films. The purpose of the film is to make the building
more airtight and protect it from moisture damage. Such damage may occur if the warm, moist inside air comes into contact with the
structures’ insulating materials. Standard plastic film perishes over time, but due to its special treatment, RaniMoBar lasts for decades.

Product Information

RaniMoBar film has been granted by the Swedish authorities the right to carry the P-mark, which is a certification marking signifying the extremely strict product testing and manufacturing quality documentation carried out on the product. The P-mark is a widely known qualification standard in the Nordic countries for building materials and equipment. To be granted this symbol, the product must exceed the requirements set for it, such as long-term durability and mechanical strength.

In addition, SINTEF Building Research AS has granted the product the SINTEF type approval, whose quality criteria are even higher. Of course, RaniMoBar also carries the CE marking.

RaniMoBar’s quality standard is guaranteed through our own continuous supervision and the annual auditing by an external body.


Highest Quality
  • Protects against moisture damage and saves on heating costs
  • Manufactured from high-quality raw materials
  • Calculated service life: 50 years
  • Excellent frost resistance; can also be used in cold climates
  • Meets the strictest quality requirements

RaniMoBar vapour barrier film is fastened and sealed so that the water vapour in the indoor air cannot penetrate the outer structures. The vapour barrier film is installed on the warm side of the insulation and any ducts must be carefully sealed.

Where joined, the films must overlap by 20 cm. Joints are placed either between the batten or the internal facing panel and the structural frame. If this is not possible, the joint must be taped or glued tight.

How to Identify

RaniMoBar can be identified by its markings which are a signal of the product’s qualification standards. It can also be identified by its blue colour.