RaniFFS is a film that is formed, filled and sealed in the same machine process.

Product Information

When developing RaniFFS, we have placed special emphasis on the welding properties, which means that the bags, sacks and bales created in FFS machines are well sealed.

RaniFFS offers the opportunity to achieve a very high quality print on the end product, which helps promoting it. Usually RaniFFS films are made of several layers, which means that the surfaces may be of different colours, such as white/black. Naturally, it is also possible to receive a transparent version of this multi-layer film. All versions of RaniFFS are suitable for high quality printing.

We offer many different types and widths of RaniFFS, both as printed and unprinted. To ensure that the films work optimally in our customers’ processes, we have a close cooperation with suppliers of FFS machines.

RaniFFS Peat

  • For peat and growing media

RaniFFS Multi

  • Suitable for a variety of industries and purposes

RaniFFS Heat

  • For pellets, briquettes and other fuels

RaniFFS Food

  • For food products

RaniFFS Dry

  • For sawdust, litter and other types of swelling wood waste

RaniFFS Milk

  • For milk packaging

RaniFFS Heavy

  • For heavier sacks with sand, gravel and pebbles




Width: max 2300 mm

Thickness: 30–150 μm

Core: 76 mm

Typical reel diameter: 600 mm