Effective protection with our durable pallet stretch film


Key benefits

  • Available as cast and blown film
  • Effective protection of your products
  • Secures high pallet stability
  • Also available as colored film and with a range of technical features

Wide product range

Depending on their purpose, the RaniStretch films are either cast or blown during manufacture. The very broad range of films available in a variety of thicknesses, widths and lengths.

Many stretch film wrapping machines are available on the market for different packaging methods. Stretch film packing is usually done horizontally, vertically or radially.

We engage in close cooperation with machine suppliers to ensure that we can meet our customer’s packaging needs.

Product versions

RaniStretch Standard, Power and Supreme are cast films.

Our cast stretch films are also available with recycled raw material.

We also supply tailor made cast and blown films.

Pallet packaging tips

The machine stretch film is applied around the pallet with a machine.


Recycling instructions

Plastic is a valuable raw material after use: most plastic can be recyclable as a new material or to generate energy. Please read our instructions on how to recycle our plastic films.