High-performance stretch hood for optimal protection of pallets and goods


Key benefits

  • Ensures optimal pallet stability and product protection
  • Suitable for different pallet sizes
  • Also for primary packaging of goods in horizontal stretch hooding lines
  • Available as both printed and unprinted

Wide application

RaniStretchHood is tubular film formed into a hood in a stretch hood packaging line.

The stretch hood is elastic and is stretched, pulled down and applied around the pallet or product to be packed. The advantage of the stretch hood in comparison to other solutions, is that it provides safer and better-looking protection with lower plastic and energy consumption.

Rani Plast offers stretch hoods for traditional vertical packaging of different pallet sizes and for horizontal primary packaging of different goods.

All versions of RaniStretchHood are UV-stabilised, available in different colours and also with flexo-printing. RaniStretchHood works well with all known packaging machines and lines.

Product versions

RaniStretchHood Multi is a multipurpose tubular film for different packaging applications.

RaniStretchHood Power is a tubular film, which combines high puncture-resistance with high holding force.

RaniStretchHood Flex is a flexible tubular film with outstanding elasticity.

RaniStretchHood Pro is a flexible tubular film with good elasticity and holding force.

Film features:

H = horizontal stretch hood

FL = flat vertical film without gussets

E = easy to open

EcoL = contains recycled content

Different packaging applications

The stretch hood is suitable for traditional vertical packaging.

The stretch hood is also suitable for horizontal primary packaging.


Recycling instructions

Plastic is a valuable raw material after use: most plastic can be recyclable as a new material or to generate energy. Please read our instructions on how to recycle our plastic films.