RaniStretchHood is a tube, which is formed into a hood in a stretch hood machine.

Product Information

RaniStretchHood is elastic and it can be stretched, pulled down and applied around the pallet. The advantage of the stretch hood, in comparison to other solutions, is that it gives a safer and better-looking protection with lower plastic and energy consumption.

Rani Plast offers stretch hoods for various different pallet sizes. All hoods are UV stabilized, and in addition to the normal transparent version they can be printed and provided in different colours.

RaniStretchHood is working well together with all known machines.

RaniStretchHood Multi

  • multipurpose, many different applications

RaniStretchHood Compress

  • extra holding force

RaniStretchHood Power

  • high puncture resistance, fast “snap back”

RaniStretchHood Flex

  • high elasticity

RaniStretchHood Light

  • thin film (30–40 μm) for light weight products and dust protection



Circumference: 1 500 – 6 800 mm
Thickness: 30–250 μm
Reel diameter: max 1 200 mm
Core: 76 / 152 mm