A bale wrap containing 30% recycled material

Compared to traditional bale wrap, RaniWrap EcoL has a 20 percent smaller carbon footprint.

Developing sustainable packaging solutions is one of Rani Plast’s main missions. One of the company’s recent innovations is a high-quality bale wrap – RaniWrap EcoL – that underwent extensive field trials throughout Europe before its launch.

“The new wrap contains 30 percent recycled raw material originating from a closed-loop recycling process. As a result, its carbon footprint is 20 percent smaller than that of traditional bale wrap,” explains Ken Higgins, Rani Plast’s Area Sales Manager in Ireland and the UK.

RaniWrap EcoL has excellent resistance to tears and punctures as well as good stretchability. The bale wrap is available in a convenient Easy Pack version, 20 boxless reels on a pallet.

“RaniWrap EcoL is not only an environmentally friendly bale wrap, but it also has excellent resistance to tears and punctures as well as good stretchability.”

Profitability with Rani Plast products

Rani Plast is one of the world’s leading producers of agricultural films. Our high-strength films, highly resistant to punctures and manufactured from high quality resins, protect and preserve your winter forage.

Looking to the future, we recently invested over 25 million euros in our agricultural films business. New 7-layer and 5-layer production technology has been installed in the Bjölas production facility. Our new 22 meter silage sheet line is one of the largest in the world. A combination of the latest technology and raw materials ensures our long-term presence.

RaniWrap EcoL bale wrap in a nutshell

  • 30% of recycled raw material originating from a closed-loop recycling process
  • 80% less cardboard packaging material
  • 20% smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional bale wrap
  • Resistant to tears and punctures  
  • Good stretchability
  • Available in an Easy Pack version, with 20 reels on a pallet
Click here for more information about RaniWrap EcoL and a downloadable product brochure.

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