Rani Plast opens the world’s largest production line for agricultural film


The production line will produce 16,000 tonnes of plastic film a year and, at the same time, will increase the production capacity of the Terjärv factory by about 20 per cent.

Rani Plast’s new production line, the largest in the world, was opened in January 2017. The investment boosts the factory’s production of plastic film by one fifth and allows it to manufacture film of up to 22 metres wide, instead of the previous maximum of 18 metres.

The production line includes a blown film line that rises to a height of 50 metres. The factory tower has become a new impressive landmark for the village of Terjärv.

The new production line is the single largest investment in the company’s history and has raised Rani Plast more firmly than ever to the cutting edge of international plastic film manufacture. Success in this field requires the very latest technology and production.