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The new cast line is supplied by a German manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher. ©Windmöller & Hölscher 2024.

New cast line for thinner, more durable film


Rani Plast is investing in a new cast line for manufacture of high quality industrial stretch film. Its advanced technology will help the company achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Later this year there will be a new, state-of-the-art cast line in the company’s Bjölas factory. This investment will position Rani Plast in the vanguard of stretch film manufacture, especially for industrial applications.

– Right now there is great demand for thinner and more durable films. With our new line we will be able to meet our customers’ needs, and attract new customers too, says Sales Manager Magnus Lundén.

The new cast line can manufacture both machine stretch film and hand stretch film.

The cast technology, which involves extruding flat sheets rather than film blowing, isn’t new to Rani Plast. The first such line was operational in Terjärv in the late 1990s. However, to keep up with technical advancements, continuous renewal is essential. The new line has more features than the previous model, including the ability to produce thinner films with up to nine layers. Additionally, it can manufacture both machine stretch film and hand stretch film.

– Hand stretch film accounts for a large share of the market, in Europe and worldwide. With this investment, we can compete with others in this segment as well, and enter new markets, such as the logistics industry. Furthermore, our traditional industrial customers using machine stretch film will have a broader range to choose from, says Magnus.

Recycled materials and automation

Rani Plast has extensive experience in manufacturing products with high proportions of recycled material. However, this investment opens up new opportunities to lead the way. The new line will be equipped with larger, more advanced filters, to manufacture high-quality films from post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

According to Purchasing and Product Development Director Rikhard Storbacka, the line will feature a high degree of automation, and will be at the pinnacle of what is available on the market. Products will emerge packaged and ready for customer delivery.

– Furthermore, we will complement the line with ESTL test equipment, enabling us to monitor and maintain the quality level daily. This equipment will also greatly benefit product development, says Rikhard.

Taking RaniStretch products to another level

Business Development Manager Patrik Högkvist is also pleased with the investment, which is consistent with the company’s new strategy.

– We aim for continuous improvement, and for a growing portion of our products to be made from recycled materials. With the new line, we can better meet customers’ demands for high-quality, thin, durable stretch films.

With the new line, we can better meet customers’ demands for high-quality, thin, durable stretch films.

Patrik Högkvist, Business Development Manager

The new line is being supplied by a German manufacturer, Windmöller & Hölscher.

Patrik continues: We had discussions with multiple suppliers, but the decision was ultimately straightforward. We have a longstanding relationship with W&H, and we’re confident in their excellent quality and service.

The line is scheduled for delivery in the autumn of 2024. The plan is to have production of both machine stretch films and hand stretch films operational by year’s end.

He concludes: I look forward to the test runs. This new line will take our RaniStretch products to another level.

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