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Safeguard your construction elements and materials against moisture with protective film

Keeping valuable building materials safe shouldn’t be a matter of concern during your construction process. This is why we have developed various cover films to protect your building elements and materials against moisture. Designed for a construction project’s different stages, our cover films protect building elements and materials during manufacturing and transport, and while on-site in demanding weather conditions.

Shrink film for buildings and modules

RaniHeavyShrink (white). Thanks to its technical properties, this shrink film is optimal for demanding packaging needs and can protect large buildings and modules. Designed to withstand extreme weather, the film can cover scaffolding and provide weather protection during facade and roof renovations.

Protective films for building materials

RaniProtec Pro (white/black). This cover film has been developed to protect building materials during open transport. The film is also ideal as long-term protection for building modules.

RaniProtec. This film offers effective protection against moisture, dust, and dirt throughout your buidling elements’ logistical journey. RaniProtec EcoL contains recycled material.

RaniProtec Fric (transparent). This cover film’s frictional surface makes it ideal for winter. Thanks to the frictional surface, products are easier to handle and transport. RaniProtec Fric also serves as a top cover for building elements.

WPC cover films for timber

RaniWPC (white/black). This protective film comprises recycled material and is ideal for timber use. RaniWPC is also available with a frictional surface.

Moisture barrier films for Nordic building conditions

RaniMobar (blue). This premium moisture barrier film for constructions offers effective, long-term protection. SINTEF approved and in accordance with the IQD128 quality control document, RaniMobar guarantees a long lifespan and high performance. RaniMoBar is CE-marked and its lifespan is estimated at 50 years.

RaniProtecVapor (blue). This CE-marked moisture barrier film meets the required EN 13984 quality standard. However, no estimation has been made for the product’s lifespan.

A durable sack for construction waste

RaniSack Blue. A very strong and durable sack for sorting and transporting construction waste.

Cover films are ideal for different construction methods and materials:

ProductsElement housesModule housesLog housesConcrete elementsSandwich elementsShell elementsCLTTimberOther construction material
RaniProtec Pro

Stock products

RaniMoBar blue UV
P- CE and SINTEF marked
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm4041975015027,733914
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm404206206011,145500
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm40420510305,590495
moisture barrier film CE- marked
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm435526451352539975
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm4355259275,10100510
RaniProtec Pro Black/White UVMat.nr. m/rlm2/rlkg/rlrl/palkg/pal
1400/11200 x 0,12 mm4384676775085,511941
RaniProtec EcoLMat.nr.m/rlm2/rlkg/rlrl/palkg/pal
1000/2000 x 0,09 mm40422515030024,933822
1500/3000 x 0,09 mm40422710030024,933822
1500/3000 x 0,15 mm4041996018024,933822
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm4042004513524,933822
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm41992418541050500
1500/3000 x 0,20 mm4197929275100500
1000/4000 x 0,20 mm4042293514025,833852
1500/6000 x 0,20 mm40423022,513524,922550
RaniProtec EcoL GreyMat.nr.m/rlm2/rlkg/rlrl/palkg/pal
1500/3000 x 0,10 mm405068902702533825
RaniWPC white/black UVMat.nr.m/rlm2/rlkg/rlrl/palkg/pal
1350/2700 x 0,10 mm423832952562532800
RaniHeavyShrink white UV Mat.nr.m/rlm2/rlkg/rlrl/palkg/pal
1000/4000 x 0,18 mm4007617530050,216803
1250/5000 x 0,18 mm4005896030050,216803
1500/6000 x 0,18 mm4005905030051,816829
1250/7000 x 0,18 mm4395694028048,414678
1000/8000 x 0,180 mm4234263528048,414678
1250/10 000 x 0,180 mm4223063030051,818932
1500/12 000 x 0,180 mm4232792530051,818932
RaniSack BlueMat.nrpcs/rlrl/boxbox/pal
750 x 1150 x 0,060 mm420247101536
210+450+210 x 1400 x 0,06 mm420248101028

Recycling instructions

Plastic is a valuable raw material after use: most plastic can be recyclable as a new material or to generate energy. Please read our instructions on how to recycle our plastic films.