Rani Plast’s Sustainability Policy

What we do and what we aim to achieve

Rani Plast, a family-owned business since its foundation in 1955, provides a wide range of smart packaging solutions exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide. The company prides itself in offering a personal and customised service to its clients.

  • We are leading suppliers of advanced packaging films for agriculture, industry and offer a wide range of products for household use.
  • Our goal is to be one of the most successful companies in the business, and one of the 15 largest in Europe.
  • Continual growth, enhancement of the production facility through automation and remaining at the leading edge of sustainable manufacturing and product development are our key aims.

Sustainability at the heart of what we do

Sustainability lies at the heart of Rani Plast’s product development with an increasing share of renewable and recycled raw materials used in its products. Rani Plast fully supports a circular economy in which clients are urged to responsibly reuse and recycle plastic, which is then processed to provide new raw material for manufacturing. Waste and environmental damage is thereby reduced to a minimum. Rani Plast works closely with national recycling organisations responsible for developing recovery schemes for plastic packaging.

Towards carbon neutrality

Rani Plast is aiming for carbon neutral production by 2035. Not only does the circular economy contribute to this reduction, but by developing advanced packaging, using thinner, stronger film, clients can reduce transportation of packaged goods as a whole and further contribute to a reduction in C02 emissions. Reduction of the company’s own emissions through increased operational efficiency in its factories, including using wind power and other renewable energy, is monitored and measured by a Life Cycle Assessment analysis. Rani Plast offers technical support to its customers and up to date information on new sustainable raw material alternatives and their effect on annual C02 emissions.

We are Responsible

A core value at Rani Plast recognises Responsibility which applies throughout our business and entire value chain. This applies not only to our workforce, who we aim to keep safe in an accident-free work environment, but also to our wider stakeholders and clients with whom we work hard to develop best practice for manufacturing the highest quality, most sustainable and environmentally acceptable products. We act responsibly in society and respect human rights throughout our operations.