RaniFFS Food

High-quality FFS food packaging film with excellent branding opportunities

Refrigerator in the supermarket

Key benefits

  • Suitable for direct contact with food products
  • Sleek finish through advanced flexo-printing technique
  • Easy to recycle as PE

Strengthen your brand with high-quality printing

Your products can stand out from the rest on supermarket shelves through high-quality printing. Our modern EDP printing technology uses less printing colors, ensures the finest quality and contact surface and is a powerful way to differentiate your products from your competitors.

RaniFFS Food is manufactured in a BRC approved production environment. BRC certification has been developed to guarantee product safety and quality, and to ensure the required operational criteria have been fulfilled during production.

You can also order RaniFFS Food containing ISCC Plus certified sustainable raw materials.


Recycling instructions

Plastic is a valuable raw material after use: most plastic can be recyclable as a new material or to generate energy. Please read our instructions on how to recycle our plastic films.