For demanding packaging

Recycled granulates can partly or entirely replace virgin raw materials in the production of plastic film. Recycled raw material can be used in demanding packaging solutions allowing the film to be recycled with normal plastic waste.

Unfortunately, the use of recycled raw material is still restricted in food products as purity is critical and the origin of the recycled granulates is challenging to trace.


We use both post-industrial material (PIR) and post-consumer material (PCR) in our recycled film solutions. As a result of our product development work, our recycled industrial films can be customised for your processes and product requirements.

We believe the use of recycled raw material will further increase as recycling technology develops. Please contact your local sales representative for more information on our sustainable product features and how we can assist you to meet your sustainable packaging goals.

The gray label on our product group pages indicates that the film is also available with contents of recycled polyethylene.

Plastic Raw Material Alternatives

Fossil based

Mechanically recycled

ISCC+ Certified
Source Virgin oil and gas based Post-industrial or postconsumer Circular & Biocircular
Recyling Normal Normal Normal
Performance High Medium High
Visual appearance High Medium High
Suitable for Demanding packaging General protection film, non-food Demanding packaging