MDO (machine direction orientation) technology is an excellent example of how we can offer customers more sustainable products. The film is manufactured in such a way that, following normal extrusion, it can be stretched by as much as 600% lengthwise.

Using the MDO process results in thinner, stiffer and stronger film and is a great example of what we have done to reduce the amount of raw material, a consequence of which is a reduction in the amount of material customers and end users are required to dispose of.

For insulation packaging material, we use MDO film to reduce the film thickness by 50% without compromising its mechanical properties. Stronger films enable our customers to compress insulation material, resulting in more economical transportation of goods. MDO films are also used in mono-material laminates to enable easier recycling. This compares well with traditional multilayer packaging solutions comprising aluminum and paper layers, which have proved difficult to recycle and require a lot of energy to produce.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information about our high performing MDO films.