For food packaging

We want to offer more sustainable alternatives for your packaging needs and also manufacture films made of biobased polyethylene, which are suitable for both food and non-food applications.

Development of new competitive and sustainable biobased plastic raw materials is crucial to reduce the dependency on fossil based raw material and hence, the final CO2 impact of a product.


Products containing raw material produced by sugar cane have the same quality and technical characteristics as conventional fossil-based polyethylene.  Biobased products are 100% recyclable in the normal recycling stream.

Our product development department frequently trials new bioplastic raw material sources, such as the recently launched tall oil-based polyethylene and the cooking oil-based polyethylene, to assist our customers in achieving their sustainable packaging goals. Please contact your local sales representative for more information on our sustainable product features.

The green label on our product group pages indicates that the film is also available with contents of biobased polyethylene.

Plastic Raw Material Alternatives

Fossil based

Mechanically recycled

ISCC+ Certified
Source Virgin oil and gas based Post-industrial or postconsumer Circular & Biocircular
Recyling Normal Normal Normal
Performance High Medium High
Visual appearance High Medium High
Suitable for Demanding packaging General protection film, non-food Demanding packaging