RaniFFS – now even bigger

The uniquely wide RaniFFS Peat fi lm is the outcome of extensive cooperation with machine manufacturers. For soil company Legro, the new fi lm is the number one choice. Read more

Kekkilä and Rani – roots of cooperation lie deep

Product packaging is the single most important media for the Kekkilä gardening brand. The packaging has to be durable, but also attractive, easy to use and informative. No wonder then that both Kekkilä and Rani Plast focused on the design of the new Kekkilä packaging with particular care – and with great results. Read more

The giant of plastics

Great things are being done in the small village of Teerijärvi in Finland, quite literally too. That’s because Rani Plast is manufacturing the world’s widest seven-layer plastic film here. Read more

Rani Plast at the RosUpack trade show

The international RosUpack exhibition for the packaging industry takes place between 26–29 June 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Rani Plast will have its own stand with a wide selection of products on show. Read more

50 summer workers at Rani Plast

This summer, more summertime workers will be employed at Rani Plast's Teerijärvi location than ever before. The summertime workers will begin their tasks during April, May and June and they will stay for two to three months. Read more