Anna-Lena Sandvik

Customer Service Assistant

Anna-Lena has recently been presented with a gold watch in appreciation of her 25-year career with Rani Plast, most recently in Customer Service for agricultural products and prior to that, since 2005, in our industry sector.

She joined the company when she took a summer vacation job filing and archiving, in which her natural ability to organise was put to good use. “Attention to detail and getting the job done efficiently is me in a nutshell!” says Anna-Lena.

What does she like most about Rani Plast?

“What I like most about working for Rani Plast are my colleagues – I am a really social person,” she says, something that ideally suits her work in customer services. She explains that following a sale, customer service must ensure the product is produced on time, delivery details are in place, pricing is correct, and that the customer is fully aware of progress.

“What I like most about working for Rani Plast are my colleagues – I am a really social person.”

Trying something new

In addition to these skills Rani Plast has allowed Anna-Lena to develop one of her passions.
“Originally I wanted to be a teacher and I was given the opportunity at Rani Plast to train new sales employees about the system we use. I really enjoy this,” says Anna-Lena.

It’s easy to talk with management

She also likes the accessibility the Rani Plast culture engenders, with a ‘door always open’ attitude throughout management. “During coffee breaks Mikael and Ulrika might join us and it’s easy to have a little chat with them,” said Anna-Lena.

Her career with Rani Plast has been something of a family affair with her husband Ulf overseeing operations in our Bjölas production plant and their son Kevin working in maintenance at the same location.

Great work/family life balance

Anna-Lena lives in the village of Terjärv. She and her family have established a great work/life balance and enjoy nature and the fresh air in their summer house. “We like to pick berries and mushrooms,” said Ann-Lena who also enjoys other outdoor exercise. “And I also have time for some knitting”.