Borealis and Rani Plast support beach clean-up activities in Bohuslän, Sweden


In April the local authorities in Bohuslän, from Kungsbacka in the south to Strömstad close to the Norwegian boarder in the north, will again join forces to clean up the marine litter up on the Bohuslän coastline.

Borealis, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers and Rani Plast, the leading suppliers of plastic film in the Nordic countries, jointly contribute to this clean-up activity. This is the second time that the two companies have provided rubbish bags, produced by Rani-Plast from Borealis PE material, for the coastal clean-up.

“Marine litter is a global problem that is escalating year after year. The Bohuslän coastline is particularly affected because of the strong currents from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea bringing debris and marine litter”, says Gauthier Hanquet, location leader Borealis Stenungsund. However managing marine litter is a joint responsibility, and everyone of us can contribute to minizing marine littering.

Debris and marine litter are carried by the strong currents from the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, and washed up on the Bohuslän coastline. About 17,500 cubic metres of marine litter are washed ashore each year. This means that every hour one cubic metre of marine litter ends up on the Bohuslän coastline, equivalent to about 60 full bathtubs every 24 hours.

Marine or any other kind of littering is unacceptable. Likewise the plastics industry, Borealis is seriously concerned about this issue. Plastics are too valuable as a resource and thus should not end up in oceans, but be recovered and recycled to have at least another life.