RaniStretchHood reduces customers’ carbon footprint


Together with Tentoma, Rani Plast has developed an innovative version of the RaniStretchHood packaging film, which contains 30 percent recycled material.

Effective collaboration with machine manufacturers has become increasingly important for Rani Plast. The company is delighted to have found the perfect partner in Tentoma, a Danish packaging machine manufacturer that uses a patented horizontal packaging method, RoRo StretchPack®.

Rani and Tentoma are driven to develop innovative solutions for their customers, and their latest achievement is a case in point: the development of the thinnest tubular film possible for a stretch hood containing 30 percent recycled material for a customer in the UK. Rani developed a RaniStretchHood prototype film for Tentoma’s customer, which was trialed with Tentoma’s packaging machine. All parties involved were delighted with the results. Not only does the film perform as intended, but it also meets the British market’s new sustainability regulations.

“We receive a lot of questions about the use of recycled material in films, which I then forward to Rani Plast so I can give our customers informed answers. I think one of the reasons why the collaboration between Rani Plast and Tentoma has worked so well is that both companies are flexible. Another is that we communicate openly and directly. Rani never hesitates to push the boundaries of what is possible,” says Tentoma’s Head of Sales and Marketing Jane Tønder.

“Rani Plast never hesitates to push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Jane Tønder

Practical solutions for machine suppliers

Rani Plast’s strengths have always been in its extensive expertise in film production and customer service. Today, the company offers its global customers two kinds of tubular film solutions for stretch hoods: one type is for traditional vertical pallet packaging, and now there is another for horizontal primary packaging. 

“We closely monitor trends, as it’s important for us to provide machine manufacturers with the packaging solutions they need. We have, for example, invested in a “slit-sealing” technology to ensure that the performance of the films is not compromised when packaging different-sized products. EcoL versions of the films will become available to meet increasingly stringent local legislations. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of development,” states Business Development Manager Patrik Högkvist.

Ruukki switched to Tentoma’s horizontal packaging

Ruukki, a supplier of steel-based products located in Alajärvi, Finland, has recently switched from conventional oval stretch film packaging to Tentoma’s method of horizontal packaging, and to RaniStretchHood film. The film was fine-tuned for Ruukki’s Tentoma machine in Alajärvi.

“Rani is an excellent supplier for us as their factory is very close to ours, which supports our strategic sustainability goals. There are always difficulties when embarking on a new project, but Rani is easy to work with and quick to meet arising challenges,” explains Portfolio Manager Esa Lehtimäki from Ruukki.

“Rani is easy to work with and quick to meet arising challenges.”

Esa Lehtimäki

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