RaniCoverWrap is a special film with different surface properties: one side is sticky, while the other side is slippery.

Product Information

RaniCoverWrap can be used for various special purposes, such as for packing and holding together rolls of roving filament. Thanks to RaniCoverWrap, the filament can be unwound completely, without the packaging falling together or sticking to the filament.

RaniCoverWrap is also available in a version suitable for giant peat bales. In this case, the excellent welding properties of the film are essential – the peat bale must be properly sealed to ensure content quality is maintained, while also retaining the rectangular shape of the bale. Because of the slippery outer side, the bales do not break when rubbed against each other during loading, transportation and unloading.


RaniCoverWrap BBP

For packaging of peat bales

Core: 76 mm, PP
Width: 750 mm
Typical thickness: 23 μm
Length: 1700 m
Rolls/Pallet: 40
Sticky outer side

RaniCoverWrap FG

For packaging of rolls of roving filament

Core: 76 mm, PP
Width 300–500 mm
Thickness 30–50 μm
Typical reel diameter: 240/400 mm
Sticky outer side