The high-class RaniCollationShrink is a supreme packaging alternative for the brewing and beverage industry.

Product Information

The high display quality of RaniCollationShrink makes the packaging a perfect advertising medium, which is guaranteed to grab customer attention. Even though the shrink film is usually supplied with high-quality print, it will still function just as well unprinted.

RaniCollationShrink is suitable for PET and glass bottles, as well as for cans. As the film is mechanically very strong, it is often possible to downgauge in thickness for the benefit of the environment.

RaniCollationShrink Natural: A cloudy film for transportation packaging

RaniCollationShrink: A transparent film for multi- or transportation packaging with high quality print

RaniCollationShrink C: A high gloss film for multi packaging with high quality print

RaniCollationShrink M: A film for multi packaging with a velvety surface with high quality print



Thickness: 30 – 90 μm
Core: 76 mm / 152 mm