The manufacturing capacity of packaging films is increasing


Rani Plast has once again made a significant investment in machinery when a new industrial production line for packaging films was recently introduced.

The new machine line produces RaniStretchHood and RaniCollationShrink products, which are used, for example, in the beverage industry and for hood packaging of large products.

“The machine’s blow ratio is large, meaning that the films have very good shrinkage and stretching properties. This machine can be used to manufacture a wide range of industrial packaging films, but it is particularly well suited for purposes in which the package is required to be tight and stable,” says Simon Fagerudd, Production Manager at Rani Plast.

The machine’s is already in full production use and the Italian equipment supplier has provided staff training. According to Fagerudd, the implementation has been quick and challenges have been resolved efficiently. The new machine line complements Rani Plast’s existing machine stock, and as a result, the company’s capacity to manufacture industrial packaging films is increasing.

“The machine is very efficient, thus we can manufacture a larger quantity of high quality films, whilst also shortening delivery times,” says Fagerudd.