The first part of the history is out

The first part of Rani Plast’s historical account has been published. The book is called “Strong Roots, Open Mind” and is written by Svenolof Karlsson.

”The book became more comprehensive than first intended and therefore we decided to divide it into two parts”, says Ulrika Ahlbäck, owner and Administrative Director at Rani Plast.

The reason why the book expanded was that very little has ever been written about the plastic industry in Finland or Ostrobothnia. Ostrobothnia has traditionally been a stronghold for the plastic industry and thus it seemed as a good idea to add a broader perspective to the book. In addition to Rani Plast, the book also sheds light on the plastic industry as a whole, as well as on the development of Teerijärvi and its close vicinity.

The first part of the book covers the first 30 years of Rani Plast’s operations, from 1955 to the mid-1980s. This division feels natural as the mid-1980s represented a turning point in the company’s history; it was the time of a new growth phase at the same time as a generation change was carried through. The second part of the historical account will be out in late autumn 2017.

Svenolof Karlsson started writing the history two years ago, but the project had been planned and discussed a long time before that. “It was a bit sad that we didn’t get started earlier so that more people who were familiar with the company’s early years would still have been alive”, says Ulrika Ahlbäck.

The book has been given to all employees and to all retired employees of Rani Plast. It has also been sent to some of the company’s cooperation partners.

The book is for sale at Osuuspankki in Teerijärvi, at Rani Plast’s main office and in the book store in Pietarsaari. The revenue will in its entirety go to the Old People’s Home Association in Teerijärvi.