Marko Ahonen, Mona Severikangas, Mathias Karlsson & Tobias Andersson.

Teamwork generates excellent results in Sweden


Rani’s team in Sweden succeeds by defining clear roles and responsibilities

Rani’s Swedish team has come a long way since it was established in Marko Ahonen’s home office eight years ago. The four-strong team includes Tobias Andersson and Mathias Karlsson whose long experience in the plastics industry has proved invaluable.

– Tobias and Mathias joined our team from the plastics industry and both have strong professional backgrounds in that industry, says Sales Manager Marko Ahonen.

– A key reason for our success is the ability to clearly define roles and responsibilities within each job. For instance, Mona Severikangas manages daily customer service, enabling the remainder of the team to focus on sales.

Customers in Sweden exist within large established industry sectors. Rani’s films are mainly used in Sweden to pack insulation material, soil, pellets and paper.

Rani Plast is relatively well known in Sweden, but we would benefit from being more active within the market and investing more time in new customer recruitment.

Despite the general criticism of plastic, the plastic discussion has gained a more positive tone in Sweden, according to Marko. The industry is focused on recycling plastic and there is an increasing use of recycled materials.

– Recycled plastic is not suitable for all products such as food and beverage, but can be used in many other products. It is clear to us that Sweden has made significant advances in plastic recycling.

Rani’s office in Sweden is located in the small town of Anderstorp in the Gislaved municipality. The area is well known among motorsports enthusiasts, as the Scandinavian Raceway track is located there. In the 1970s the Formula 1-series was staged there and in 2020 a DTM-series competition will take place in Anderstorp.