Tatrafan – a new spin-off within the Group


The Rani Plast Group has founded a new company called Tatrafan, which operates in Slovakia and Ukraine. Tatrafan’s operations were previously part of the Terichem joint venture, but they have now been separated to become an independent company.

Tatrafan manufactures packaging materials, while Terichem Tervakoski specialises in dielectric insulation film.

“We wanted to separate the companies because they produce different types of products and live their own lives. This way things become clearer,” says Mikael Ahlbäck, CEO of the Rani Plast Group.

Tatrafan is owned by Rani Plast and Slovakian Chemosvit equally, and the company has factories in Slovakia and Ukraine. Most of the films are manufactured in Slovakia, while further converting is done in Ukraine. Recently, major machine investments worth several million euros have been made in Ukraine.

“We will also invest in the factory in Slovakia and expand the capacity there, as we want to be involved in building the packaging industry in the region,” says Ahlbäck.