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Rani Plast’s 20-year customer relationship results in high quality products


Long-term customer relationships are at the core of Rani’s company culture. Recently, Agib and Rani Plast celebrated 20 years of co-operation.

Agib BV is a trade company specialising in dairy farmers’ hygiene products like animal health, milk equipment, feed and silage products. The company operates in the Netherlands, a country with many dairy farms.

How did the co-operation between Agib and Rani Plast start 20 years ago?

“We needed a new producer for our private label product Strevaplast, and our local

distributor Gerbri Plastics introduced us to Rani Plast. It soon became clear that we understood each other very well,” recalls Hubert Ruis, Managing Director of Agib.

Rani Plast’s and Agib’s distributor Gerbri Plastics BV is a family-based company in the Netherlands. They consult clients in flexible solutions for building films, industrial packaging and agricultural films.

Working together is easygoing and fun

Hubert Ruis feels that Rani Plast understands what Agib expects from them in terms of quality.

“Rani Plast takes product quality very seriously and is precise in its execution. We continuously develop our Strevaplast product together, and I foresee very good opportunities with the new 7-layer extruder,” he adds.

Strevaplast’s unique composition makes the film very strong and air-tight, two of the main parameters of first-class silage film. Furthermore, Agib also buys RaniSilo and RaniSide films.

The people at Agib, Gerbri Plastics and Rani Plast have enjoyed working together as a team over the years and have become close friends.

“The people at Rani are very nice! We appreciate their great hospitality every time we visit them,” Hubert Ruis says.

Long-term customer relationships

Rani Plast has always cherished close and long relationships with customers and suppliers.

“We believe this is the best way to develop high quality products and meet future customer demands. The co-operation between Gerbri and Agib is a great example of how we work,” says Hans Brinks from Rani Plast.

Brinks finds it heart-warming that the team from Gerbri and Agib took the time to visit Terjärv and we, at Rani Plast, celebrated their journey together. The get together included, among other things, a much appreciated snowmobile ride.

“We make a great team. I personally find it fun and exciting to develop new products together and I look forward to working together as a team for the next 20 years,” said a delighted Brinks.