Rani quality on the other side of the world


If the product is good, it is worth shipping even from the other side of the world. Rani’s long-term partner in New Zealand, Agpac, appreciates the films made on the new giant machine.

NEW ZEALAND based crop packaging supplier Agpac is one of Rani’s most distant retailers. Despite the long distance, the partnership between the two companies has lasted for over 15 years.

“We buy our silage sheeting from Europe as there are no facilities in New Zealand capable of making such products. With Rani Plast we particularly appreciate the fact that we are able to discuss and confirm specific qualities for products that we require for the New Zealand market. This is one of the reasons why the films are worth shipping from the other side of the globe,” Agpac General Manager Chris Dawson says.

Rani Plast’s new wide films have gained great recognition in New Zeeland.

AGPAC BUYS both bale wrap and silage sheeting from Rani Plast. According to Dawson, the clients are very impressed with the performance of Rani’s products.

“The new Rani silage sheeting range has gained great recognition in the New Zealand market. This is not only due to wide widths or the famous seven-layer technology, but also due to the excellent puncture resistance and ease of application. Rani’s new extrusion line also has fantastic manufacturing capabilities that are of real benefit to our customers,” Dawson clarifies.

“At Agpac we are always looking for the latest innovations in crop packaging products, hence we are in partnership with the best manufacturers. My guess is that in the future, we will see a breakthrough of sheets that combine different kinds of features such as oxygen barrier or lower gauge – if so, we are happy to order them from Rani as well.”