Rani Plast’s shrink film wraps Finn Spring’s environmentally friendly Villi-water bottles


Continuous product development is spurring the growth of Finn Spring, a producer of spring-water beverages. Rani Plast and Finn Spring have been collaborating for years on developing the properties and effectiveness of shrink film used in beverage packaging.

Virpi Ala-Haapala, Director of Administration at Finn Spring, appreciates long-term cooperation.
“In addition to customers, we regard partners important because well-built partnerships are a key to mutual success. Price matters, but we attach particular importance to qualitative factors. Rani Plast has proven to be a reliable expert, with whom we have a developing partnership.”

The RaniCollationShrink shrink film has also been adapted to Finn Spring’s new Villi product range.  Villi water is packed in PET plastic bottles made of 100% recycled material, resulting in zero need for new plastic.

The project was preceded by an extensive research phase, including a study of the impacts of megatrends on the beverage market. The results indicate that future consumers are more socially aware, and environmental impacts are increasingly important to them.
“Consumers also want to make meaningful choices by opting for sustainable and responsible alternatives from the beverage product range. Villi bottles are a prime example of circular economy innovation. Similarly, shrink film made of recycled, biodegradable plastic could be the future, if the film is technically sound in manufacturing processes,” says Virpi Ali-Haapala.

Energy production based on sustainable solutions

Finn Spring is making its operations more sustainable and reducing the environmental impact. The company has had a negative carbon footprint since 2010 and generated all its energy from renewable energy sources for three years.

It has built solar panels at its Härkäneva plant in Toholampi and its Lestijärvi factory and completed a carbon-neutral automated warehouse at Lestijärvi a year ago. Finn Spring is also involved in a multi-year project to investigate underground thermal energy storage. For this purpose, 61 geothermal wells almost 50 metres deep have been dug at the Härkäneva production plant. Tangible measures have been taken to markedly reduce the carbon footprint of each bottle.
“The water in our bottles is a pure, natural product, so it makes sense that we are doing our part on behalf of a more sustainable future,” Ali-Haapala says.

In a family company, ownership has a human face and responsibility is a natural part of everyday life.  Ali-Haapala points out that shareholders’ commitment to the company is positively reflected in the commitment of its employees.
“Being based in a sparsely populated area far from large settlements, we prioritise taking care of and holding onto our skilled workers. Family companies are traditionally innovative and agile. I feel that this partly explains our smooth collaboration with Rani.”

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