RaniPlast_sustainability report 2019_kansi

Rani Plast’s new Sustainability Report now available


This detailed report outlines the measures Rani Plast has been taking over a number of years to minimise the effects of plastic packaging on the environment.

The report sets out further sustainability aims and helps our customers adopt best practices, particularly with regard to re-cycling.

Importantly, it also highlights the significant role plastic plays in our daily lives and how through effective re-cycling, new raw materials and other measures plastic will continue to be economically beneficial and environmentally acceptable.

By continuing to focus on the challenges presented by sustainability in the plastic packaging industry, we believe we can improve re-cyling and support research into new materials and more efficient use of resources. This will enable us to move positively towards a more acceptable circular economy in which waste is minimised and the benefits of plastic fully realised.

Please take time to read our Sustainability Report in full and come back to us with any questions.