Rani Plast’s extra-wide flexible packaging printer makes printing more sustainable


Rani Plast has taken significant steps towards greener printing by re-using solvents and investing in a new machine, which prints to record widths with reduced ink and solvent use.

Of Rani’s two new printers, one can print flexible packaging up to 2.65m wide – the widest in northern Europe – and both are more energy efficient than the machines they’ve replaced.

The introduction of the new machines continues our strategy of making printing more environmentally friendly. In particular, the new machines enable us to further reduce the amount of ink and solvent used.

“We have managed to reduce the amount of ink used in production by a third in the last five years, without compromising printing quality,” says Tero Turpeinen, Rani Plast’s printing department foreman.

In addition, most of the solvents used in our printing department are recycled. Used solvents are cleaned enabling us to reuse up to 90% of them, minimising the amount of hazardous waste. We also use biobased solvents when available on the market.

“This is a win-win situation, as the optimal use of ink and solvents is also more economical,” Turpeinen added.

“The new machines enable us to continue to reach our environmental goals. They are a big improvement over the old machines in terms of using ink more efficiently,” he said.

Rani has also introduced a heat recovery system in the printing hall.
“Our aim is to reduce our annual carbon dioxide emissions by 300 tons per year by using this technology,” said Turpeinen.