Rani Plast wins award in international printing competition


Rani Plast participated in the category of Flexible Film Processes in the Miller Impression Award 2016. Its competition entry, the Chili Kebab 250 g food casing, won the bronze award.

The high-calibre international competition for the Miller Impression Award is organised every four years. Last year, the entries included more than a hundred printed works from all over Europe.

This is what the Competition Jury said about Rani Plast’s kebab package printing:

“The colours on the package are well balanced. The product image of the kebab meat is excellent, and the red and black text is good. The images of the vegetables and the other pictures in the background have also been printed excellently. All in all, this package is a great example of excellent quality printing.”


The competition aims to act as an inspiration for the entire sector and to encourage the development of new solutions. Packaging and successful printing results have become a key way to stand out in the crossfire of competing companies and consumer requirements.

The competition is organised by the Miller Graphics Group and the Swedish Nord Emballage industry magazine.