Rani Plast is the fifth company in the world to be awarded the EGP partnership certificate


Rani Plast is known around the world for its extensive investments in the first-class print quality of its plastic film. This new certificate is proof of its top quality printing.

Rani Plast is able to fully capitalise on the Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) technology in the production environment. Thanks to Rani’s use of this technology to produce top-class print quality, it is the fifth printing house in the world to be awarded the partnership certificate.

Reduced environmental impacts and lower initial costs

EGP printing technology always strives to use the smallest possible quantity of colour. The number of colours used is often less than in traditional printing, which results in lower initial costs for the customer in new printing jobs.

EGP also reduces the environmental load of printing, as the consumption of ink and energy is reduced and less solvent is required. The EGP printing process also creates less plastic waste than traditional printing technologies, thanks to the ease of starting a new print batch.

EGP offers an extended colour space for printing, which is achieved through a standardised process printing technology. EGP technology is multi-colour printing that requires standardised process colours. This creates a significantly larger colour gamut for printing, allowing a larger proportion of individualised shades to be printed using multi-colour technology.

Excellent quality guarantee

As well as the high quality of print, EGP technology offers many other advantages too. Due to the standardised colours, it achieves significantly better correspondence to the proof for plastic film. Correspondence to the proof refers to how well the actual production matches the colour proof printed by the printing plate supplier and approved by the customer.

Rani Plast also monitors that the standardised colours remain the same and that the process is stable. Thanks to the standardised production and colours, totally uniform quality with the first batch is achieved in subsequent repeat orders.

Production Manager Petteri Pihajoki is pleased to see how eagerly Rani Plast’s customers have adopted the EGP printing technology and how they appreciate the top quality it produces for their packages.

Rani Plast has been using this technology since 2015. The certificate was awarded by the printing plate supplier Marvaco.