Rani Plast and Fluid-Bag cooperate to reduce the amount of plastic


Rani Plast has during spring 2019 supported its customer Fluid-Bag in an effort to reduce the use of plastic in its containers.

This has been possible by replacing one of the plastic layers in Fluid-Bag’s inner container with our RaniExcell polyethylene film, resulting in a film that is now one third thinner. With the plastic layer reduced from 100 μm  to 70 μm, 300 grams less plastic is now used in each container.

Despite the thinner plastic film, its strength, protective features and sustainability remain unchanged, thanks to the modern film structure and production methods employed by RaniExcell.

The optimisation of the amount of plastic used as packaging material is part of Rani Plast’s long term sustainability strategy.

“It is very important for us to develop cost efficient and optimised packaging solutions for our customers,” said Rani Plast’s Account Manager Auli Jylhä. “Plastic is the ideal packaging material, provided it is used and recycled correctly,” she added.

“Those of us who work with plastic on a daily basis are extremely aware of the environmental aspect,” said FluidBag’s Operations Manager Robert Nyberg, who is also responsible for the company’s environmental strategy.

“For so many applications, there is no better material than plastic in my opinion, as long as it is used correctly. Our customers also benefit when the amount of plastic in our container is reduced. We always strive to optimise the amount of plastic used in our products.”