Rani Plast adds a touch of luxury to Korv-Görans’ packaging


Görans, a meat producer from the region of Ostrobothia in Finland, has been packaging products in Rani Plast’s film for over a decade. Görans’ products, for which Rani Plast has developed a unique packaging film, can be found in the frozen food displays of supermarkets. The printing is of the finest quality and the contact surface is distinctive.

Görans produces meat and poultry products, as well as sauces in Pietarsaari, Finland. This developing and growing company invested in a brand-new production plant, with high energy efficiency, in 2019. Görans has been working with Rani Plast since the turn of the millennium.

Rani Plast, which is located in the neighbouring town of Teerijärvi, initially supplied only one transparent film for HoReCa and industrial packaging. Since then, it has introduced food-packaging films for consumer goods, and Görans now sources 23 different kinds of packaging film from Rani Plast.

“We have a long term and close partnership. We are currently developing several new packaging solutions with Rani Plast, who continuously develops new packaging ideas that benefit both the customer and the environment. For example, it decided to thin its transparent film, improving its quality, and making it more cost-effective,” says Evert Granholm, Production Manager at Görans.

Görans’ growing foothold in the retail sector creates demand for new packaging solutions.  For example, how can you differentiate your products from competitors in frozen food displays?
“We began developing an entirely new packaging film together. In fact, we wanted it to feel and look more luxurious when lifted out from the freezer,” says Charlotta Viitasalo, Account Manager at Rani Plast.

The desirable properties of plastic, but feels like paper

Product development resulted in the Rani FFS Food film with a ‘velvety’ matte finish. This film is more durable, has a matte surface and is less shiny. Evert Granholm, Production Manager at Görans, believes that the packaging film gives Görans’ products a high-quality image, which is very important in the retail market.
“The film retains all the excellent properties of plastic, but has a slightly papery feel. It is durable even when frozen, and protects food well,” says Granholm, expressing his satisfaction with the product.

Quality image recognized by award-winning printing

Films used for retail products are always printed. Görans orders print design from Creamedia and film printing from Rani Plast.
“Rani’s films have the best printing quality in the industry. The print result on this special food film gives a high-quality image of the final product,” Granholm adds.

Packaging and high printing quality have become increasingly crucial when differentiating products caught up in the crossfire between competing brands and consumer requirements. Rani Plast and Görans have also achieved success in an international printing quality competition: in 2017, their jointly developed Chili Kebab food packaging won bronze in the Miller Impression Award competition. Read more about the succes in the competition in Rani’s news release. 

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