High-performance shrink film for demanding packaging


Key benefits

  • High-quality shrink film suitable for the protection of food and non-food applications
  • Available in a range of types and dimensions
  • Available as plain and tubular film
  • Available printed / unprinted
  • Available coloured / uncoloured

Effective protection

Rani Plast is well known for its high quality shrink film, which is suitable for various industries, applications and products.

Our close cooperation with machinery suppliers and customers provides us with detailed knowledge of the required technical and mechanical product features.


Product versions

RaniShrink is available as a wide range of films and hoods

RaniShrink EcoL contains recycled PE

RaniShrink BioB contains biobased PE

Pallet packaging tips

The shrink film tube is applied over the pallet with a machine and finalised with the help of heath.


Tips on Moisture Barrier Film

Tips and recommendations on using our moisture barrier film

Recycling instructions

Plastic is a valuable raw material after use: most plastic can be recyclable as a new material or to generate energy. Please read our instructions on how to recycle our plastic films.