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New production line for stretch film


Rani Plast is modernizing its machinery by investing in a new line for stretch film. The machine will mainly produce bale wrap films for the agricultural sector.

In recent years, Rani Plast has invested heavily in the agricultural sector. The company has, among other things, introduced one of the world’s largest machines for agricultural films. Investments are now continuing with a new line for bale wrap film.

“The machine will produce stretch film, most of which will be bale wrap film for agricultural use. The films will be produced both for the Finnish market and for exports,” says Sales Manager Christer Vidjeskog.

Representing the latest technology in the industry, the new machine will produce films in five layers. The machine increases Rani Plast’s capacity in bale films, which means that customers can be provided with faster and more flexible service.

In order for the new machine to fit into the factory, the building needs to be expanded. This work begins in the beginning of 2019, whereas the machine itself will be delivered during the summer of 2019. The machine will be up and running in the late summer.

Rani Plast is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of agricultural stretch films, and in order to maintain this position, the company constantly renews its machines and processes.

“In 2019, we are investing as much as 10 million euros in upgrading the equipment in order to make even better films than before,” says Vidjeskog.