Multi-million euro investment will boost Rani Plast film production


Rani Plast customers will start benefiting this autumn from an investment plan totalling €10 million to include a new seven-layer bale wrap film blowing line designed to increase production capacity in Finland.

The new film line is being installed at Rani Plast’s Bjölas site in July where all the company’s agricultural films are produced. Customers can order mixed supplies of bale wrap and silage sheets from a one-stop shop, simplifying deliveries and reducing transport costs.

The investment strengthens Rani Plast’s production capability at its Bjölas factory making it one of one of the largest units in Europe producing agricultural films.

Advanced film blowing technology enables further development of product range

Rani Plast Managing Director Jari Palosaari, said: “This is the most advanced film blowing technology available and enables us to further develop our product range in many ways. For example, with thinner films and more running metres per roll farmers can make considerable savings when wrapping bales.  

“As one of the main players in the packaging industry in Europe, we follow developments very closely using the latest technology to serve our customers in the best possible way we can,” he added.

With thinner films and more running metres per roll farmers can make considerable savings when wrapping bales.  

Jari Palosaari

Rani Plast Sales Manager for Agriculture, Christer Vidjeskog, said: “The new film line not only increases production capacity, but will also strengthen our position as one of the leading producers of bale wrap well into the future.”

Rani Plast’s new 7-layer bale wrap film blowing line.

The new film line reduces power consumption and minimises production waste

Important aspects of the new film line are reduced power consumption and being able to take full advantage of recycled and renewable raw material. “Our aim is to use new raw material alternatives to meet the market demand for sustainability,” said Jari Palosaari. The new machinery also minimises production waste. Together, these developments support the company’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

These developments support Rani Plast’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

Jari Palosaari

The new film line machinery is being supplied by market leading German company Windmöller & Hölscher, which is at the leading edge of technological advances in this specialised field. The machinery will be installed in July in time for test running, training and the start of production in the autumn.

Automated logistics improve safety and efficiency

In addition to the new film line, Rani Plast is also introducing automatic pallet logistics using AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), upgrading existing film lines and introducing new shift working systems to safeguard employees. 

According to Teemu Ojala, Rani Plast’s Production director, the use of AGVs for transporting pallets is completely automatic and is designed to improve Rani Plast’s internal logistics, safety and efficiency.

The automatic pallet transfer system is being supplied by local Ab Solving Oy and will be commissioned in September this year.

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