Rani Plast Mari career story

Mari Myllymäki

Film blower in the agricultural department.

“A whole new world”

You can’t tell that Mari Myllymäki has been a film blower in the agri department for only six months. Her movements are deft and quick as she operates the robot that packs the finished rolls.

– This morning the robot wasn’t co-operating, but after a few adjustments, we were back in business, Mari says. As I’m new to the team, it is especially rewarding when I manage to solve a problem, seeing the details inside the big picture.

Mari enjoyed a varied career before she started working at Rani Plast in September 2022. She completed a business administration degree and has worked in restaurants. But now, after her recent training as a process manager, she feels as though she has found her vocation.

– Industry feels like my type of thing. I enjoy it. You won’t lose me any time soon!

“Industry feels like my type of thing. I enjoy it. You won’t lose me any time soon!”

There are several reasons for her enthusiasm, and one of the most important is shift work. It means Mari can concentrate fully on her tasks while on-duty but disconnect from the job during her six days off. She also appreciates the cohesion and experience within her team. Many of her colleagues have worked at Rani Plast for over 30 years.

Mari quickly found her place in the team, and it’s easy to see why. She is an open and sociable person who doesn’t hesitate to join the coffee table conversations.

– Before I started working here, I didn’t know much about Rani Plast. I was surprised at how big the factory is, how many different products are made, and how international the company is. Now I feel a sense of pride when I spot one of our wrapped hay bales or see our rubbish bags on the train.

Mari says a whole new world opened to her when she started working at the company. She is looking forward to learning more.

What is the best moment of the working week?

– I like solving problems and, as a new employee, enjoy ending the workday without having had to ask for help. Like with the robot this morning — I was as happy as anything when I realised what was wrong.

Who: Mari Myllymäki.
What: Film blower in the agricultural department.
Background: Mari has seven different degrees and has worked in everything from business administration to hospitality and the process industry. In the autumn of 2022 she started working at Rani Plast, and plans to stay at the company long-term.
Likes: Being outside with the dog, playing disc golf, and spending time with her family. She also loves spending summers in her holiday cottage by the sea in Ruotsalo.