Rani Plast-Patrik Hogkvist uratarina

Patrik Högkvist

Business Development Manager

Patrik joined Rani Plast 23 years ago and equipped with his university economics degree from Hanken began working in quality control which gave him a detailed insight into how the company worked.

It was a very good position to learn about all aspects of the company, its procedures and how it dealt with quality management philosophies and regulations like ISO standards,” says Patrik. He used this experience in different roles of the sales department of both agricultural and industrial products sales before the position was turned into a Business Development function, ten years ago.

New opportunities and supporting colleagues

“This is about finding new market opportunities, new platforms and driving product management to make our processes more efficient and professional,” Patrik explains. “It’s also about supporting colleagues with the information they need to deal with everything from customer and market insight to product development and production.”

Recently, he has for example been busy looking for new opportunities in the global marketplace since Rani Plast’s introduced a new wide film blowing line in 2017. He also stays in close contact with industrial packaging machine producers, with whom along Rani Plast is developing film packaging solutions suitable for demanding industrial customers.

“It’s also about supporting colleagues with the information they need to serve our customers in the best possible way.”

What do you enjoy most working for Rani Plast?

His work includes about 50 days of international and domestic travel a year and he enjoys the autonomy this gives him. “I like to move around quite freely and the culture at Rani Plast allows me to do this,” says Patrik. “You can easily talk to anyone in the company thanks to low levels of management” he said.

“I like the fact that we are a family company, not public which means we are not burdened with any public company reporting – it allows us more freedom,” says Patrik.

What is he passionate about?

He is passionate about driving home the message that plastic is the best alternative as a packaging material and that of all the options it gives a low ecological footprint when used and treated correctly. “Because of what was happening to sea life and nature there’s been a lot of negativity surrounding plastic and the company is being more active promoting it as genuinely the best option,” says Patrik.

Family life on the coast

Patrik lives a 45-minute drive away in Jakobstad where he and his wife and two teenage children enjoy living just 20m from the water’s edge. “We are a very active family doing different sporting activities, and we enjoy seeing family and friends,” says Patrik. In the summer he also likes using his motor boat in the beautiful local archipelago.