Rani Plast Hans Brinks career story

Hans Brinks

Technical Sales Manager

Hans Brinks joined Rani Plast as a Technical Sales Manager in 2016, working in the Netherlands consulting our Central European customers and acting as a link between them and head office in Terjärv, Finland.

Based in Rani Plast’s office in Almelo, Hans, 46, works at the heart of one of the most competitive markets of our business, where his deep knowledge of agriculture through personal experience pays big dividends when it comes to communicating with customers and understanding their needs.

“Farmers tend to be very direct and honest – they like it when somebody speaks their language”

“Farmers tend to be very direct and honest – they like it when someone is ‘speaking their language’ – and if you have knowledge, then you connect,” said Hans, who grew up working on farms and with farmers from a young age.

Knows the business inside out

Before he worked directly for Rani Plast, Hans spent 22 years with the company’s main dealer in the Netherlands so he knows the business inside out. Representing Rani Plast in Holland, Germany, Austria and Belgium, he enjoys the close co-operation with customers out in the field, listening to their views and constantly devising ways of improving the functionality of our agricultural films.   

Building trust and relationships

Developing stretch film for bale wrapping by monitoring techniques and noting the smallest detail in how machinery works, leads to improvements in the film quality. Hans also enjoys explaining the advantages of using Rani’s oxygen barrier films so that farmers get the best silage results and improved feed for their cattle.

“It’s about building trust and relationships and then getting things done,” said Hans. “I like working for Rani Plast because the organisation is flat, accessible and you can achieve things quickly,” he said.

Mounting biking and motor boating

Although Hans normally travels extensively and admits to being a bit of a workaholic, he still has time to get out on his mountain bike three times a week at home in Rijssen, just 15km from the office ion Almelo. He also enjoys taking his teenage daughters horse riding every week. The family holidays on a motor boat, navigating the Netherlands’ extensive network of lakes and canals.

“It’s a really relaxing experience – I call it my slow down time!” said Hans.